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  • HOW I WAS INVOLVED : VFX Post production supervision, Digital Cinematography, Modeling, Animation, Rigging, Shading, Texture painting, Lighting, Environment, Effects, CG Fluids, Rendering, Compositing, Stereoscopic Conversion, Title Designer

HUMPBACK WHALES is a 4K stereoscopic project designed for large 4/3 IMAX and giant screen cinemas. Currently it is playing at the California science center along with my other project 4K stereo project JERUSALEM.

From acclaimed director Greg MacGillivray, the largest director and film creator in the Giant screen industry.

Worked closely with Director, Producers, Editors, and the leading humpback whale marine biologist to create a rendering detailing a never before seen hunting procedure for humpback whales. Detailing only from the expertise of the marine biologist and tracking data sets from the whales them selves.

Utilized my own custom built server, and render farm to create all the visual effects for this documentary.